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I write because I’m selfish. I write because I have thoughts that I don’t want in my head and writing them releases them. Ultimately I put my writings out into the world for reasons that are both selfish AND selfless. I need and want to connect with people. I know too well what it’s like to feel alone and alienated and I want my words to reach other people who also feel alone and alienated. It’s my way of taking the accumulated damage I’ve felt, and turning it into some sort of repair.

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  1. Thanks again John. As I commented earlier, your comments are always welcome. As are anyone’s comments.

  2. John says:

    That’s ok Brad, it was difficult to sit watching someone trying to relate in a perfectly rational way to some of the people in that group. My friend in that group, Rachel, is lovely, she used to be my Yoga instructor, she is a bit off the wall in a nice way. As you say I always think you have to try to be open-minded and I find it incredibly difficult to speak to people who will not entertain a few concepts as Do-little said to the bomb in the film (movie) “Darkstar” (its on the TV at that part as I write). I find it difficult to value concepts such as “one hand clapping” and so on so perhaps I am not as open-minded as I would like to be but surely there are concepts worth entertaining and other concepts that are simple mental garbage we can all safely ignore and indeed should ignore for the good of our societal mental health, maybe I am wrong, who knows. As with you I find it hard to get my ideas across but I think you will find it a lot easier to get your ideas across outside of such closed groups. I thought some of your stuff was good, though I just skimmed it, as you say you are a wordsmith and I myself like playing with words but I am not very good at “making them speak”, the aim of any good smithy.

    I had a similar sort of thing with a friend recently where I opened up on an e-mail and told her some things, much like your story about your life, and I got pretty much the same response as you. It’s just one of those things, people want honesty from you but when you are honest they get embarrassed at the depth of emotion uncovered and try to put you back in your box, ….. but you should stay out of your box and say anything you like ….. to anyone you like …. or don’t like. The only thing you will discover is that when you say bad things about others to others you feel bad about yourself and when you try to see the good in them you see the good in yourself, …. but I’m teaching you to suck eggs I’m sure.

    Your Facebook Chum


  3. Thank you John for the kind words. I’ve had a hard time this past year and a half. To be honest, when I signed up for that “Teleseries” and then “liked” their fan page on Facebook, it was simply because I really admire a lot of the stuff that Saul Williams has written and am grateful for his bravery in putting those writings and music out there into the world. It’s odd for me now to know that he’s participating in that series. The more I step back and look at that whole deal, I’m glad that I didn’t relate to it. That quote that I commented on in particular was my raw reaction and I don’t regret having posted it. It was a decision I probably made too quickly to make heard what I felt about it. But I stated my opinion in hopes of starting a dialog. It was my perception that the people in that group were welcoming of everyone. I didn’t realize that, though they quite possibly are welcoming, it seems they welcome people into the group in hopes of putting their messages into the minds of those “welcomed” pwod. Which is fine, but I really think they need to work on being open-minded enough to take in other people’s opinions, and value them, whether they agree or not. If they can’t do that, if I can’t do that, if ANYBODY can’t do that, that just seems very self-defeating. I understand self-defeating behavior. I don’t understand almost promoting it though. I’m glad you got what I was saying. It’ s nice to know someone out there took some time to read and understand me. I’m glad to have had this exchange with you. I hope you come back and check out my actual writings occassionally. Please don’t hesitate to comment on anything you like or dislike. Feedback is always appreciated!

  4. John says:


    I saw your stuff on a friends facebook page as regards apologising at the start of a relationship and your “explanation of yourself”, yours were the most real comments there. Why should anyone have to apologise for themselves before the relationship has even been conceived of?

    As for atheism or God I can’t think of a single person who has changed his or her view of religion except by personal, usually highly traumatic, experience so it isn’t worth even discussing it with people. Some things are true whatever we think or believe but as someone once asked “What is truth?”

    All the best


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