An Inverse Plague

Wave after wave after wave…

The confusion
Pulls us into its undertow.
As blister becomes callous;
Becomes scab;
Becomes necrosis.

So many of the people we love are no more.
They’ve fallen away in numbers so large

That they’ve become nothing more than statistics to others.
Many have been left to lead lives which were more like punishments.
Lives that became subjected
To an overwhelming emotional terrorism.
A sense of fear
Which can take away so many things from each of us;
Worst of all our connection to a reality-based perception.
Many were left to believe
That our lives were not the only things lost,

But our safety was gone as well.

Was that demonstration of pain enough for you?

To use love as a weapon;
To use love to harm;
To inflict pain;
To even kill –
That is not love.
That is a panic-driven attempt to destroy.

As deep as the destruction was felt
By so many,
And for so long;
It pushed us into becoming stronger.
We gained a deeper sense of community and family.

As a result of the attempts to destroy us


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