Apathy Is The New Black. It Goes With Everything

I’ve been living on the edge of a cliff lately.
I haven’t much access to a calendar;
And the days just slide in and out,
Like a rotting piece of meat down a sore throat.
You’ve become my only hope and you don’t even know it.
Come on, try and stop me.
What can you say when they’ve tied you down from the inside out?
My head has turned to turmoil.
When eating dirt becomes the logical conclusion.
I wrote an incredible symphony of words tonight
Then forgot it all before I could reach the paper.
Quickly find textual reconstruction by hitting ‘edit’.
Are you sure you want to delete?
The beginning of a new paragraph and life.
The clothes do not make the man but they certainly help to hide the psychology.
Your lack of knowledge is your lack of empathy
Like wheelchair technology is the newest meth-lab explosion.
We innovate then regulate.
Slip into the catacombs with cape, candle and cookie.
Tip of the day: eat more asphalt.
He is the newest model on the market
But we are unsure of what’s behind his graphical user interface.
I am the dismal point on the dotted line of his life.
Micro-beaten like he is exhaling Ventolin.
Dodged a bullet now didn’t you?

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