He is trying to coax me to take him back (to the woods).
You should try something old.
Put on your headphones and cut yourself off from the world.
You should be so unlucky.
Ten and counting.
This is my final offer.
Take it or leave.
Imprisoned for all the right/wrong reasons.
Cut me off or you’ll get yours.
The asshole is dead.
Rest in turmoil.
They have used up my function.
You took his stain and left him with dollar bills.
Word salad tastes good.
She is hymen-no-more.
Take for instance this kid…
She’s dead inside like me.
So much potential.
God given no-talent.
This is not the blood of Jesus and you are not god.
Two steps forward, thirteen steps back.
Put a sock in it.
I’ve fallen in love with you.
No, not you.
Frick and frack, stab my back.
This is revelation inside out.
The three headed cow is begging for more milk.
Deep in thought.
I wish he were dead.
In bed.
Of lead.
Crystalline interface.
The rice rots off your face.
In places.
Why are you looking at me?
The beginning of the end.
Type me a letter of recommendation.
To God.
Eat up while you can’t

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