Bruised; Shy; Rot

Feeling medicated and dazed.
Like a person speaking a coded language in a family.
List of all my regrets becomes the size of a telephone book.
Play me a music box anthem.
I cannot concentrate with you talking.
Shut up.
Decision maker to organ grinder.
Golden gate or rot deviancy.
There comes a time to end it all.
Where have you been?
Where am I going?
Decorative nostalgia in indecent increments.
Sign your name on the dotted line.
Turn yourself in at least.
Tooth decay elemental.
The dog told me to do it.
What are you looking at?
Golden or marble?
Time will tell a lie.
Princess dead is knocking on the door.
Fill in the blank.
Paint-by-numbers lifestyle you thought you wanted for yourself.
Lost my train of thought.
You do the talking.
Cell phone anatomy zoological.

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