Digitally Yours

At least stab me in the face when I least expect it.
You come to me in a dream and I still feel guilty.
Cancer of the bone.
Analog I wish I could become.
I only want what I can’t have.
Your sign or mine?
He is punching me in the face as he zips up his pants.
Burn the witches.
There is no honor like the honor you bring me through your abuse.
Snort a line of coke and choke me to death.
I will sign the death certificate.
Just like last time.
No smoking in this area.
Choke over there.
Hands are red and inappropriate.
How does your head in a box sound?
Like heaven.
Or a sofa.
My monkey is no longer in the building.
But God is not here either.
Email me the facts.
Signed, digitally yours.
Kick my shins,
Kiss my face,
Punch my chest.
I am longer available.
Rotate the dial.
Scream obscenities in my ear sweetly like a vomiting pigeon.
Watch what you don’t say.
Zero to zero in thirty-one years.

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