Here’s How To Order

My mind has become a blank.
Too many revolutions and revelations.
Spinning and diving into the abyss.
When did I become so gray and shadowless?
Apocalypse foul.
Wish my phone would ring just once.
My hair would grow faster.
Crawl back into the cave.
Free yourself from the restraints of religion and education.
Lie dormant like a nude doormat.
Wipe the sweat off of your feet.
Be my sun.
Join a religion.
The only way out is through;
Or a gun in my mouth.
Must I gnaw on this rotten bone forever?
7:06 and counting.
Draw a pretty picture of your crayon scrawled dead family.
What did I become?
Why did I get here first?
Must’ve been under a curse.
Stuck on a verse.
Missing my hearse.
Cadillactation of a nation.
Spread your hands wide open and reach for the ground.
Free from limitations.
Nobody but myself.
We have become what we are not.
Blurred out and colored in.
This is the dawn of something greater.
But pain is inevitably first.

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