Fur smudged.

Black eyes and a liar’s lips

This is center stage entertainment.

Everybody likes to see a collapse.

When the time is right I will know nothing.

Not a thing.

Poorly written but visually stunning.

Laugh out loud.

Take one home today.


Saying things in brackets.

A gun to a monkey’s head.

Where does this road go?

You are (not) here.

In on the afterglow.


Why do you insist on demanding an answer

To a question that is outdated and malfunctioning?

I wish my life could be _________.

I am running out of time

And (more importantly) ink.

Where did everyone go?

Sleep is not important.

The pain is what drives me.

Not library.

These days are precursors to what is already over.

Enjoy the violence.

Take a picture.

Send it to the postman by email.

Just to piss him off.

Always carry an umbrella.

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