Life Expectancy In The Key Of Q Minor

Let the choir sing as I preach to the perverted.
Throw away that couch and make your client pay in just desserts.
Audio collage of movie stars;
Government recordings of phone calls from everyday citizens.
Godless and soulless.
There’s a lot of artificial intelligence housed in humanity.
Tell the truth just for a bit.
You can always make up the rest later.
Forget the scissors,
We run with shotguns.
Pass the ammunition.
I swear…
I swear…
I’ve never used an exclamation point in my life!
Turn off the radio.
It has nothing to offer but love songs and fraud.
“Et cetera” that we are.
Let God try and stop us.
Most of us could take ourselves out before God could even try.
A throbbing bass line could lead the way
Instead we choose hymns as freebase as crack
But always bass-free.
And always leave us future-proofed
And future free.

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