One Way Ticket To Nowhere

Windows used to be good
But have become terror.
They hide the monsters in the dark.
I have seen the future today and it is good…
For nothing.
“Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer”
Dirt for dirt.
Gray to blue to gray to blue to gray
Pulitzer prize winning author!
Am not!
Sore loser.
[Place random thought here.]
Meet me in the graveyard for a midnight rendezvous.
Trim your nails;
Kick the bucket.
I am not what I have become.
There has got to be something better than what corporate america is feeding us.
Write me a check and I will be your best friend.
God was here;
Now just a crack in the wall.
Give me paper or give me death.
I will not be honest if you won’t
Please don’t make me take a nap.
If you want _________, get it/them yourself!
I am not your queen bee and you make too much honey.
Cross me off your fucking list or else.
This is not a round trip ticket and the pilot hasn’t learned to land.

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