You break my heart like brittle frozen porcelain.
These lies of ours are intimidating me down to nothingness.
We shine as darkness descends tonight.
Days like this just pour out of me in fragile pieces of piano wire.
You have just begun.
Obnoxious as a newborn.
Kick my ass,
Kiss my wounds.
Why have you forsaken me through years of strife?
Me, the unintelligible one.
We have got to get a phone.
Poison Ivy and all.
I have not written because you have left your post.
We are no longer complaining about your lack of team spirit.
Play me a symphony on your cell phone.
Beam it to me by bluetooth.
The technological oppression.
My voice echoes off of yours like tomato paste birthday cake crumbles.
I’ve got thee bends.
Chlorine positive.
You can’t fake the scabies.

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