Slang a/k/a Worth Nothing

What’s that smell?
Schizophrenic apathy.
I am 5 years old and bleeding.
Hair of the dog that bit me,
Eye of the cat that purred for me.
Do you see a pattern, repeat offender?
Come into the dark;
All are welcome.
Sore gums and watering eyes.
Forever moonlight.
Scrap metal cashmere sweater.
Take the money and run.
Sure I’m ok,
But my mouth needs stitches.
A picture for a poem.
A scream in the dead of night posing as a sales pitch.
Children whispering under their breath.
Let me be your scapegoat, God.
My father is turning in his grave as I will one day.
You don’t get it.
Dollar bill for change.
Arrow to next page.
I saw a camel walk through the eye of a needle and it was nothing special.
Cut off my feet.
Grass is greener on the other side,
Over here it has all died.
Outdated and malfunctioning.

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  1. jerry says:

    Brad, this is very nice. I really like it.

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