The Burden Of Proof

Building a wall that crumbles in a controlled manner.
This is what i aim to be.
More than just a gap.
We’re not here.
Tendency to be over-sensitive.
Too smart for my own good.
Hurting in the most peculiar way.
The brainwave massacre that was Jonestown.
What do you want from me?
More of the same shit.
I pledge allegiance to no flag.
Where are we headed?
Red spots on pale skin.
Damned if i do, damned if i do.
Communists are better lovers.
You should know better.
Penmanship is over.
Your evolution of the truth.
Not one to look people in the eye.
Talk the talk;
Walk the walk;
Sigh then gasping for air.
You have the burden of proof.

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