Third In Line

I am always early with time to kill.
Take a pill.
Doze off.
Dream of a better world.
What is not to be.
You fill those shoes well.
I am the return of Christ in a devil’s costume.
Return with me.
I’ve already tried on those clothes and they weren’t me.
Still writing to ease the ache that is my head.
Come on and string me along.
Got to get my head strong and make you weak for me.
Write this down as if it’s important.
This has all become alien to me.
Lost at sea.
Crashing towards an end of something.
Where have you been?
The damn loud clock.
What constitutes an end?
Or that?
Where do i go from here?
Not a worthy cause.
There is no one else like me and i’m not sure if that’s good or bad.
I miss him dearly.
Like a moth to a flame.
You disgust me with your ideals.
Third in line to go.
Second in line to go.
First in line…
Heretic until my prophesy of hate comes true.
You fascinate me with your drive to become more than nothing.
I can’t keep up.

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